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Hi Kevin,

How hard is it to backport the HRT support into the GIT tree?   I guess I have to wait until it's available in the GIT tree because I'm really a Linux kernel newbie.  I see a bunch of patches at Ingo Molnar's website: but I doubt it if I can directly use the 2.6.20 one to patch the 2.6.20 GIT tree.


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Dirk Behme wrote:
> Andy Ngo wrote:
>> I'm trying to enable high resolution timers support in the kernel
>> (2.6.20 GIT tree) but I don't see the option via the kernel
>> configuration.  I went through all the categories without any luck. 
>> Do I need a special patch or something like that to enable HR timers?
> Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think HR timers are part of -rt
> patch set:

That's mostly right, but each platform also has to have a clocksource
and clockevent for HRT and dyntick to work correctly for that platform.

I have already done the clocksource/clockevent stuff for DaVinci and
it's in the mainline kernel as of 2.6.22, but not backported to davinci
git (but should be easy.)


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