How to make the DVSDK working along with the git kernel

Caglar Akyuz caglarakyuz at
Mon Sep 1 01:58:39 CDT 2008

Diego Dompe wrote:

> Hi,


I also want to run demo software on git kernel, and started building components
after Diego's post. Here are my results...

> Highlevel flow:
> - Need to modify the dsplink release to compile against your kernel

Due to the changes in header file locations lately in arm tree, all machine 
specific includes have to be changed in source files and build scripts must be 
modified to accomodate new header locations. Some changes also needed for new 
kernels which can be found in [1]. Also one little change is needed for 
"post-processing" step to build kernel module.

After all these dplinkk module builds, but it is not working!!! However, I have
another issue which might also cause this. I'll investigate this later.

> - Need to modify cmemk to compile against your kernel

cmemk builds fine without any changes.

> When you have dsplink and cmemk, you can basically run the codec servers
> and combos.
> We have done this on the past and the issues I can remember are:
> - Cmemk may need some patching to adjust the sysfs data structures for
> kernels beyond 2.6.22
> - Current git kernel v4l2 drivers for davinci doesn't even compile

> afaik. They need some changes to match newer v4l2 stacks.
> - Pretty much all of the encode/decode demos will not work without some
> patching, since they take advantage of specific header files for MV kernel.

This is the worst point. First I hoped Diego was wrong, try to build encode, 
decodedemos without any kernel patching, tried to push as much as can. After 
2 hours of struggling, I understand Diego was right. Then I turn to git kernel 
for some additions from MV kernel. I now forward ported LSP 1.20 framebuffer 
and v4l2 drivers, as well as resizer driver. Currently they are only build 
tested, except framebuffer driver which is working now. I have some toolchain
problems, which I'm gonna post in a new thread, so I can not go further. 
When I solve my toolchain problems I'll test rest of the drivers and demo 
applications with the git kernel. 

If all this stuff works in the end, I'll write all to the wiki.

> That's what I can remember right now.
> Regards,
> Diego

Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge.



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