USB flash auto-mounting

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udev will create the device files but not mount the device (at least not
in our configuration.. I haven't got much into udev and suspect it of
taking a lot of processing power on boot so plan to remove it).
We have custom hotplug scripts to mount the device,
you get a load of environment variables and some command line arguments
to determine what to do.
hope that helps

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	Subject: USB flash auto-mounting
	I'm wondering if anyone has definitively solved the issue of
having a USB flash
	drive automatically mount to the file system when it is
	To do this manually is quite simple: 
	mkdir /media/usbflash
	mount -t vfat /dev/uba1 /media/usbflash 
	I wish to make this mount occur automatically every time the
stick is plugged in.
	I did check .config to see if "CONFIG_HOTPLUG=y": it is.
	In /etc/fstab I put the following line:
	none /proc/bus/usb usbfs defaults 0 0
	but it is not sufficient. 
	Tanks a lot
	An update on the situation, I?ve gotten the usb flash drive
	automounting, but only if I have it plugged in to the unit
	bootup.  I can?t get it to automount using hotplug or anything
	The way I have my fstab and udev mounting happening is the
	udev/rules.d/99-mount.rules :
	BUS=="usb", SYSFS{product}=="JD FIREFLY", KERNEL=="sd?1",
	SYMLINK="usbdevices/lexar", RUN+="/usr/local/bin/"
	/dev/sda1       /media/LEXAR vfat
	rw,nodiratime,sync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,fmask=0033,dmask=0033 0 0
	I think I may have moved around the initialization scripts
	within /etc/rc.d/rcS.d to make the mountall script run after all
	udev stuff but I can't quite remember.  I tried lots of things
	this one finally worked. Good luck, and if i manage to figure
out the
	hotplug mounting I'll be sure to post it.
	I did check .config to see if "CONFIG_HOTPLUG=y": it is.
	Checking /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug is a good idea: it contains
	"/sbin/udevsend", which is what I would expect to see.
	And also, the udevd daemon is indeed running.
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