Confusion about CLE and ALE on the emif

James T Long j-long7 at
Wed Sep 3 11:19:36 CDT 2008

Would someone please clear up the following for me?

The documentation for the the EMIF (srue20b) and the source code for 
DVFlasher both say :

     To talk to NAND-Flashes:

     Tie A[2] to CLE and A[1] to ALE.  Apparently A[0] and BA[1:0] are not 

     to set CLE low and ALE low, then use offset 00h
     to set CLE high and ALE low, then use offset 10h
     to set CLE low and ALE high, then use offset 0Bh

Why 0B?  If it's something to do with Endian-ess (to align the 
command/address to the nand, perhaps), then 
why not offsets (in order) 03h, 13h and 0Bh?

Obviously 0Bh is okay, since the code works, but I don't understand the 
emphasis on '0B'.


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