DirectFB On DVM6446

Caglar Akyuz caglarakyuz at
Wed Sep 3 16:04:11 CDT 2008

Paul Stuart wrote:

> Well, not sure if you'll have similar issues, but the mysteries I had to solve included:
> Directfb sends out an error that it can't support a particular ID, but it really just can't find /dev/tty0. Makes sense, right?
> The directfbrc's "video-length" is fickle. Maybe someone else out there has insight into this, but I've found that is has to be exactly 2x my resolution, or the FBIOPAN fails, and/or when the buffer's flip it's messed up. This makes sense when you get into the code, but it wasn't documented (as far as I've seen).
> I'm doing this on a dm355, so I've had to disable the DSP acceleration routines, but that's probably something you won't have to deal with.
> The biggest struggle has to do with Montavista vs Ti's distribution of the kernel and patches for these. I needed to add ioctl's to our kernel to support the calls the directfb driver makes. The patches were for Ti's release, so they couldn't be directly applied.

I see nothing changed, last time I run dfb on my dm6446 it took my days to find out 
just which kernel dfb supports and I wasn't the only one having troubles.

> Anyway, wish you a smooth(er) path...

Thanks for your valuable information, obviously some of them will save me days.


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