Flashing u-boot into the DM6437 Platform

Phil Quiney PQuiney at trinityconvergence.com
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There is no Linux BSP for the DM6437 as it has no ARM core (unlike the DM355/6446/6467) - it is a DSP (TMS320C64x) only device.
AFAIK Linux does not run on DPSs.
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Subject: Flashing u-boot into the DM6437 Platform

I have DM6437 platform with me and i dont have any BSP with me to write drivers.

Is there any open source linux BSP and boot loader for this platform ?

I am trying to flash the u-boot into this platform using code composer studio but i couldnt succeed.

Could you please give me detailed instructions on how to flash the u-boot into the NOR/NAND Flash of the DM6437 Platform ?

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