RBL, UBL , PSP Boot loader

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The terms are are as follows:

1. RBL - Rom bootloader - embedded in the chip
2. UBL - User boot loader - NOT in the chip - RBL boots UBL (except for NOR and UART boot modes) which boots a secondary bootloader. There are size constraints on what RBL can boot and since most secondary bootloaders do not fit in the size UBL is required - provided by PSP
3. UBoot - secondary bootloader that PSP provides - typically used to boot linux kernel.

When someone says PSP Bootloader it could mean either UBL and UBoot and both are NOT in the chip - they are on the external NOR/NAND memory.

I assume you have seen the app note "Booting DaVinci EVM from NAND Flash" which explains the procedure of using UBL/uBoot:


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Hello !

Can some one please explain whether the "TI UBL" and "PSP Bootloader are same"?

IF PSP Bootloader is not the UBL then where does it reside?

Whether the RBL and UBL already programmed in the DaVinci chip?



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