Help : Jpegenc demo application

Steve Poulsen spoulsen at
Sun Sep 14 01:33:57 CDT 2008

ashish pareek wrote:
>   Hi All ,
> I am trying to run an application tht convert Raw image to Yuv .And finally convert it to jpg format by using jpegenc . I am using mt9t001 image sensor type .
> While running the application i got an error :-
> Failed to get a pool fillting a size 3145728.
> While debugging i found tht 
> encodedBuf = (XDAS_Int8 *)Memory_contigAlloc(encodedBufSize, BUFALIGN);
> is returning Null .
> I am putting my test file here .Could any one help me ?
> Ashish


The code you pasted did not seem to come across in a readable way.  I am 
not sure if it is just me.  Can you "cat /proc/damem" and see what the 
pools look like (used or free)?  It appears you have run out of memory 
somehow.  I assume your simple test application is not allocating other 


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