Is there anybody using dm355 vpbe YCC16 interface to output video?

Jon Povey Jon.Povey at
Mon Sep 22 03:09:37 CDT 2008

I don't specifically know that you can do what you are trying to do, but
there are lots of register settings that affect the video in and out
pins. Check pinmuxing, and also check all the VPBE registers, there are
single pins hiding away that do things like turn sets of pins on and
off, or make them input-only, etc.

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	Subject: Is there anybody using dm355 vpbe YCC16 interface to
output video?
	I want to output my video using the YCC16 interface on dm355
vpbe,but I can't  make it work properly.
	I have changed the dm355fb configuration to make the vpbe suit
to the YCC16 interface,and the h and v sync signle and Y[0-7] signal is
correct,but I can't detect the C[0-7] signal,which is forced to low?
	What should I do? Is there any standard configuration function
for YCC16?
	Thank you! Any help will be appreciated!

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