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Caglar Akyuz caglarakyuz at
Wed Sep 24 10:57:32 CDT 2008

Narnakaje, Snehaprabha wrote:

> Hi,
> Texas Instruments plans to improve and/or add support for TI's family of DaVinci SoCs.  This work is being done by a number of us here and I am coordinating the efforts. Beginning this month, TI will contribute patches to the DaVinci GIT tree, with the goal to update DM644x and add DM355 and DM6467 support. Another goal is to get all driver features and bug fixes up-ported from earlier TI/MontaVista LSP releases for these devices. We plan to follow the approximate roadmap below:
> September/October 2008: Patches for DM6467/DM355 baseport, DM9000 Ethernet (DM355), I2C (DM6467/DM355), GPIO (DM6467/DM355), EDMA (DM6467/DM355) and Video Capture (Using OMAP like I2C interface for the TVP decoders, contiguous buffer management) for DM644x. 
> Next: Patches for NAND (DM6467, DM355 and DM644x), NOR on DM644x, Audio Driver support on DM6467 and DM355, SPI on DM6467 and DM355, Video capture on DM355, Support for Micron Sensors in the Video capture for DM644x and DM355, Video display framework using Encoder/Display manager and encoder modules for DM644x, fbdev display driver updates to use new Video display framework, fbdev display support for DM355 and V4L2 display driver for DM355 and DM644x.
> Later: Patches for IPIPE on DM355, Previewer/Resizer on DM644x, H3A on DM644x and DM355, Video display/capture and VDCE driver support on DM6467, MMC/SD driver support on DM355 and USB support on DM6467 and DM355.
> We want to benefit from the review and feedback from the DaVinci Linux community as we supply these patches, so the timeline for completing this process will depend on how extensive the community comments turn out to be.
> I will share updates and status of this plan to the list on a monthly basis.
> Thanks and regards
> Sneha Narnakaje


I'm not much experienced on this so I'm not sure if my arguments are correct but I want to note that
rather than having a big series of patches hitting to the mailing list, having incremental patches
is easier for everbody to follow, review and contribute.

Thanks for sharing your roadmap, BTW.


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