To boot DSP and run DSP application from ARM.

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You can look into the hal (hardware abstraction layer) code within DSPLink sources as a reference for what you are attempting to do. It will have the right sequence of register settings.


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Subject: To boot DSP and run DSP application from ARM.

            How can I load DSP and run DSP application from ARM.
I am not using the TI provided dsplink driver available with montavista.
The TI provided driver supports API calls and those use to run DSP application from ARM are PROC_setup ,PROC_Attach ,PROC_Load and PROC_start.

Now I am setting registers by running a firmware application and running on ARM side by connecting CCS using JTAG emulator.
What I did was, loaded the dsp binary in the desired location from ARM application. Then I set the resest for DSP module by setting PSC_MDCTL for DSP.
Then loaded DSPBOOTADDR with the starting address of the loaded code and took of the reset.

            The concept was, on reset, the DSP will start running from the reset address or DSPBOOTADDR. But the DSP code dint start running.
Is there any other configuration that I have to look into or consider while doing this?
Or What happens in PROC_start?

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