LPJ value in bootargs

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LPJ stands for Loops per jiffies. This avoids overhead of performing
calibration during boot time and helps in reduction of about 250 ms
during bootup time.



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what lpj is ???


2008/9/26 <JitendraJain at emerson.com>


Hi all,
I want to reduce bootup time on DM355 based board.
One of the technique is to use correct LPJ value in the bootargs.

I have found how to get LPJ value on our board.
But there is one caution that if we use incorrect LPJ value it might
damage the board.

So I want to know what should be allowable range of LPJ value which will
not damage the board and helps in reducing bootup time.
Like suppose LPJ value for my board is 538624, but lets say I am using
(538624 +/- 50) than it won't affect my board and if I am using
(538624 +/- 100) or more that it will damage my board.

I want to know acceptable LPJ value range on DM355 based board.

Thanks in advance.


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