[PATCH] ARM: mach-davinci: Select PHYLIB for ARCH_DAVINCI_DM644x

Axel Lin axel.lin at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 18:40:12 CDT 2011

2011/9/2 Nori, Sekhar <nsekhar at ti.com>:
> Hi Axel,
> On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 10:39:08, Axel Lin wrote:
>> We call phy_register_fixup_for_uid in davinci_evm_init, thus we need
>> select PHYLIB to fix below build error: (with "make davinci_all_defconfig")
> This shouldn't happen with davinci_all_defconfig as it
> selects PHYLIB (this doesn't undermine the need for a fix).

I remember that I got the build error with davinci_all_defconfig, but
the build seems ok now with linux-next ( next-20110831 ).


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