L138/DA850 USB support in mainline?

Brian Niebuhr BNiebuhr at efjohnson.com
Fri Sep 9 13:53:09 CDT 2011

What is the current level of support for USB on L138/DA850 in the
mainline kernel?  A similar question was asked here:


but not really answered.  I'm curious because TI's site at:


seems to suggest that USB is still not there, but from reading forum
posts it seems as if people are using USB on L138/DA850 with mainline

We are currently using a TI release, but I would like to migrate to a
mainline version.  USB appears to be the only questionable feature at
this point.  Can anyone clarify what support might be missing before I
take the time to make the jump, only to find out that it's not going to
work anyway?  I don't mind doing some work to glue pieces together, but
if major functionality is missing, it would be nice to know beforehand.

Thanks for the help!


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