[PATCH] omap24xx IrDA update

Komal Shah komal_shah802003 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 05:09:42 CST 2005

--- "G Kondaiah, Manjunath" <xgkondai at ti.com> wrote:

> Hi Komal,
> The I/O expander on H4 uses I2C calls for changing the speed of the
> IrDA
> transceiver. Speed change request some times occurs in interrupt
> context, 
I have added workqueue interface with board specific support now. I am
using run-time macros instead of DECLARE_WORK. 

In the latest patch (not released yet) INIT_WORK only needs to be done
from _probe function and "transceiver_mode" will call PREPARE_WORK. But
to make this work we need to add "struct work_struct" in
omap_irda_config platform_data structure, assuming that some platforms
(using sleeping call path...), can utilize it.

I have tested it on h4, and it seems to be working. I will release the
patch once Tony comes back and reviews the earlier posted patch for any
other comments.

Could you please give "irdadump" arm binary if you have?

---Komal Shah

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